Imagine…It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and you and your fiance are enjoying a cocktail at the bar of your favorite upscale hotel, perfectly perched to welcome your friends and family as they arrive for your wedding weekend.

As you greet each newly arrived guest, you are soaking in the excitement and love they share with you. This is it. The moment you have been dreaming of. The weekend you get to marry the love of your life. Once you finish your cocktail, you, your wedding party, and immediate family are whisked off to your ceremony rehearsal before sharing a fabulous and intimate rehearsal dinner, thanks to the orchestration of your VIP wedding planner.

From the rehearsal dinner, is is an easy transition into the lively welcome party where you have time to greet each of your guests who have traveled from all over the world to celebrate your love.

You wake up the next morning to find breakfast has been arranged for you and your wedding party as you prepare for your wedding day.

This stress-free zone allows you to focus on the magnificence of what is about to happen. Your loved ones are eagerly helping add the finishing touches on your stunning look, your photographer captures this once in a lifetime moment filled with laughter and smiles, and then the time arrives to walk down the aisle.

The flowers are gorgeous, your carefully chosen music fills the air, and there is the love of your life standing at the end of the aisle with a big, soulful smile. You exchange vows, rings, and a perfect kiss and your family and friends erupt with cheers and applause. You are married!

Your signature cocktail is being passed, each detail is perfectly placed, your family is relaxed and laughing, and the band is playing your favorite song. A gourmet meal is followed by the cutting of your uniquely designed cake before everyone is on the dance floor having the time of their life!

And just when you think the day cannot get any better, it’s time for the after party because no one wants this perfect night to end.

No one enjoys saying goodbye in the wee hours of the morning, so you are elated to share the next morning with your guests by reliving your favorite moments over a carefully planned beautiful brunch.

Everyone laughs with your uncle about his fantastic dance moves, and no one can stop talking about that amazing and perfectly timed late night snack. As your guests depart the hotel, they are impressed with how much fun they had, how they felt so well taken care of, and how they will tell all their friends for months just how extraordinary your wedding was.

You just experienced the details of our most cherished Wedding Belles’ Enchanted Belle Luxury Wedding Package – where we take care of each and every detail from the welcome party through to the farewell brunch.

Our highly trained and experienced team focuses on raising the bar of your expectations by delivering a remarkable guest experience.

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